Yeeman “ManMan” Mui

Sponsored Vocationist

Yeeman “ManMan” Mui (they/them) dedicated to artistic expression that lead with compassion and honoring their truth as a Non-binary, Asian, Disabled multidisciplinary taiko artist. ManMan has a significant body of curriculums that center physical and mental wellness, including Taiko Together, Rhythmic Flow Taiko – Parkinson’s Friendly Taiko Class, and Makoto Taiko Senior Program. ManMan co-created a neurodiversity advocacy school program titled “Listening into Silence” with taiko artist Carrie Alita Carter.

As a HongKonger – a colonial subject, ManMan pushes the bounds of taiko arts and resists colonialism by seeking, and prioritizing elements of their heritage. They composed original taiko music, and directed the music production for award-winning documentary Blurring the Color Line: Chinese in the Segregated South (2021).

ManMan co-founded Mujō Dream Flight along with Sasen Cain and Maxyn Rose Leitner. They create original works and traditional adaptations, in collaboration with other predominantly trans/non-binary taiko artists.