Stuart Paton

Sponsored Vocationist

Stuart Paton, Founder and Artistic Director of Burlington Taiko, spent most of his childhood in Japan from age nine months through eighteen years. His earliest exposure to taiko included a subconscious learning foundation from weekends overhearing his neighbor’s own taiko practice, as well as a first-grade fascination with the drums at Obon celebrations in Tokyo. His formal study of taiko began in 1984 during a summer apprenticeship with Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka, founder of San Francisco Taiko Dojo – the first taiko group in North America. In 1986, not long after settling in Vermont, he founded the Burlington Taiko Group.

Stuart has established an artistic style for Burlington Taiko that combines movement, rhythm, voice, and the efficient and graceful movement of chi, or “energy,” from the player to the drum. His affection for the group dynamic of taiko is evident both when he performs at the most advanced level, and when he instructs the most novice players.

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Taiko Taikai 2024

Terasaki Budokan 249 S Los Angeles St,, Los Angeles, CA, United States

After witnessing an overwhelming success this past May, TaikoVentures was pleased to pledge funds and administrative support to the team assembling Taiko Taikai 2024, which was held May 18-19, 2024 […]