Rome Hamner

Sponsored Vocationist

A seasoned taiko performer, teacher, and certified Orff instructor, Rome has spent over 20 years engaging students in the joy of learning taiko (Japanese drumming). Along with taiko basics, Japanese language, and studio habits of mind, her programs help young people learn teamwork, communication, self‐control and other SEL skills. She’s taught thousands of K‐12 students, including SDC and underserved students and youth in rural communities. She lived, studied, and worked in Japan, worked as the General Manager for San Jose Taiko, and from 2015-2021 served on the Board of Directors for the Taiko Community Alliance. Today, Rome performs with Mukaro Taiko, Taiko SOBA, Jun Daiko, and Queer Taiko and is the co-founder of the South Bay Beat Institute.

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