PJ Hirabayashi

Senior Vocationist

PJ Hirabayashi, a San Francisco Bay Area native, is an original member of San Jose Taiko (est.1973). and the group's Artistic Director Emeritus. Considered a pioneer of North American taiko, she is recognized in the international taiko community for her distinctive performance and teaching styles that combine movement, dance, drumming, joy, and energy. She helped develop SJT's unique playing style and holistic philosophy, which is emulated by other taiko organizations around the globe.

PJ founded “TaikoPeace” in 2008 to spread the kinetic energy, spiritual vibration, and pure joy of taiko to inspire positive social change and a peaceful world. In 2011, PJ, along with her husband Roy, received the 2011 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship Award for their lifelong contributions to the art form of North American taiko.

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TaikoVentures at NATC-R 2024

Seattle Convention Center | Arch 705 Pike Street, Seattle, WA, United States

Join us at the North American Taiko Conference, Regional Seattle! Save the date! TaikoVentures will be well-represented at the North American Taiko Conference, Regional (NATC-R) in Seattle, Washington this year. […]