Pau Hana with Tanaka Sensei!

Pau Hana with Tanaka Sensei!

Saturday, September 9th, 1:00 to 2:30pm PDT

Another historic event will follow Saturday’s workshop. The TaikoVentures Pau Hana series features informal storytelling by our resident vocationists and other guests from our taiko community’s “pioneer” era. This Saturday after Kenny Endo’s LegacyLab, we will be hosting Seiichi Tanaka for his first TaikoVentures Pau Hana. The conversation will be facilitated by special guest Ai Matsuda, who is on a short visit from Japan. Aichan will be moving here in mid-October to start her life as a full-time taiko vocationist.

Everyone on our mailing list is welcome to tune in! No registration required.

Meeting ID: 885 7965 4766
Passcode: 880937

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