First Exadon Workshop in U.S.

First Exadon Workshop in U.S.

On Sunday, October 15th, TaikoVentures Affiliate Masumi O’Brien hosted the first Exadon workshop ever held in North America. We were pleased to assist with the facilities rental and registration process.

Exadon is an innovative fitness program sponsored by the Kodo Cultural Foundation. The name Exadon combines three words: “exercise,” “Sado,” and “don.” In 2022, Masumi became a certified Exadon facilitator, one of a handful who can now facilitate workshops outside of Japan.

At the Caspar Community Center near the beautiful coastal town of Mendocino in Northern California, (15) students experienced this innovative fitness program, which aims to promote physical health while helping to ward off mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, and dementia. TaikoVentures supported this workshop by handling registration, facilities rental, and liability insurance. Many thanks to the Mendocino-Miasa sister city program for allowing us to borrow their drums. CLICK HERE to learn more about Exadon.

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