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kaDON Midweek Intensive

August 21

kaDON Midweek Intensive Banner

Midweek Intensive

Play “hooky” with kaDON and TaikoVentures
Build your own schedule and enjoy up to 3 workshops!

Wednesday, August 21, 2024
Mountain View Buddhist Temple
575 N. Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, CA 94043


kaDON and TaikoVentures will be hosting a midweek retreat at Mountain View Buddhist Temple, CA, on August 21st. This event will feature kaDON instructors Eri Uchida & Diana Wu and TaikoVentures sponsored vocationist, Ai “Aichan” Matsuda.

$75 per workshop (first-come first-served)
$65 per workshop for kaDON subscribers and TaikoVentures Hui members
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Time Option 1 Option 2
9:30-10:00am Arrival/Registration
10:00am-12:30pm Beginning Katsugi Okedo with Eri Uchida A Taste of Shishimai (for Intermediate/Advanced Students) with Ai Matsuda
12:30-1:30pm Break
1:30-4:00pm Intermediate/Advanced Katsugi Okedo with Eri Uchida A Taste of Shishimai (for Beginners) with Ai Matsuda
4:00-6:00pm Break
6:00-8:30pm “Release” with Diana Wu (all levels) Edo Kotobuki Jishi (Taiko) with Ai Matsuda

Workshop Descriptions:

Katsugi Okedo Basics with Eri Uchida
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Recommended for beginning level taiko and katsugi players

This workshop will focus on Katsugi Okedo Basics and establish the foundation for expressing yourself with the Okedo. Katsugi Okedo can feel difficult to learn at the beginning since it involves more than just standing with a taiko. There isn’t a single universal form since comfortability with Katsugi Okedo will be determined by each person’s own comfortability with their own mind and body. It is important to be curious about learning how your body moves and how to use it naturally. Once you discover what is natural for you, then you have your basics which will help expand the realm of possibilities for your Okedo expression. The purpose of this workshop is to explore this unique connection with the Okedo and establish effective Okedo fundamentals through body awareness. We will also utilize drills and concepts to practice how to use your whole body to strike and generate a groove.

Katsugi Okedo: Finding Your own Groove with Eri Uchida
Time: 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Recommended for players with katsugi experience or for experienced taiko players with no katsugi experience

What kind of Katsugi Okedo performance will capture the heart of the audience? Even though you can move freely, simply moving around and banging out rhythms is not enough to bring out both the taiko’s and your full potential. What Katsugi Okedo really requires is a deeper understanding of the physical oneness between yourself and the taiko. Rather than just playing complicated rhythms, even simple rhythms will naturally catch the eye of the audience when the performer becomes one with the taiko and embodies the rhythm together.

Katsugi Okedo evolves when a person becomes aware of themselves, the taiko, and how they move with the taiko as one to create a full sound, even with the lightest of bachi. When you understand how to play Katsugi Okedo using your whole body, you will find your natural groove and discover a richness in tone that is uniquely your own. Let’s Eri-vate Katsugi Okedo together!

Release with Diana Wu
Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Recommended for all experience levels

Learn Naruwan Taiko’s signature piece ‘Release’ in this high energy workshop. The name of the piece represents what taiko is for so many people: a way to access their full energy potential and release it outwards, sharing that energy with their team and audience. In this workshop, participants will develop an understanding of the musical and physical movements of the piece. They will learn how to use their body in efficient ways to be as big as possible and how to command the space around them. Special attention will be paid to the expressive elements and nuances of stage performance to fully present the shape of Release.

Edo Kotobuki Jishi with Ai Matsuda

EDO KOTOBUKI JISHI (江戸寿獅子) is the Lion Dance of Edo. The Japanese lion dance, or shishimai, is well-known in Japan, used in various festivals to bring good luck, especially at the beginning of a new year. The artform has been popularized in North America in the past decade or so, thanks to the efforts Kyosuke Suzuki of the Wakayama Shachu school in Tokyo, Japan. Suzuki-sensei has been brought in by various taiko groups and organizations for a number of residencies. In addition, several devoted students of Suzuki-sensei are now spreading the artform outside of Japan. Unlike its Chinese counterpart, the Japanese lion dance was not brought over by Japanese American immigrants for use in community celebrations. The style that will be taught in these workshops are from the Wakayama Shachu school

“A Taste of Shishimai” (for Intermediate/Advanced Students)
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Recommended for Intermediate Students
Participants will learn the background and see a demo of Edo Kotobuki Jishi. They will learn the taiko and atarigane (handheld gong) parts for the first section of the piece and learn about the structure of the entire song.

“A Taste of Shishimai” (for Beginners)
Time: 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Recommended for Beginning Students
Participants will learn the background and see a demo of Edo Kotobuki Jishi. They will also learn some of the basic patterns on the taiko and atarigane (handheld gong) that can be heard within the song.

Shimedaiko & Okedo Set Drums (Taiko – 太鼓)
Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced Students
Virtual attendance is available for current and past students of Ai Matsuda who have attended a basic workshop. Please contact ai@taikoventures.com to enroll.

Instructor Bios

Eri Uchida is a taiko performer and instructor based in Fujieda Japan with over 15 years of professional experience. In 2009 Eri joined the world renowned taiko group KODO and spent 10 years touring and performing around the world. As a senior member of the group she directed the apprenticeship program and was in charge of the day to day training of the next generation of KODO performers. One of Eri’s specialties is katsugi okedo, a dynamic style that requires a keen understanding of the physical oneness between the performer and their instrument. Eri will be teaching two katsugi workshops, one for beginners and one for those with some experience.

Diana Wu is the founding member and leader of Naruwan Taiko based in San Diego CA. Diana has over 16 years of experience as a leader in the taiko community. She is known for her expressiveness on stage and her high energy presence was featured as part of the HERbeat collaboration a once in a lifetime two week international cultural exchange of some of the best female taiko artists from North America and Japan. Her group Naruwan Taiko was also the first North American Taiko group to be invited to perform at KODO’s Earth Celebration’s Big Little Taiko Fest. Diana will be teaching a workshop on stage presence and energy as expressed through her piece ‘Release’.

Ai Matsuda started playing taiko at the age of 16 with Hawaii Matsuri Taiko when she moved from Japan to Hawaii to study English. In 1999 she became a member of the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble until 2011 when she returned to Tokyo. There she continued her taiko journey learning taiko from Yuu Ishizuka, Kabuki bayashi (Classical Japanese Music) from Saburo Mochizuki and Edo Bayashi (Festival Music from Tokyo) from Kyosuke Suzuki. One of her specialities is the music and dance of the Edo Kotobuki Jishi the good luck lion dance from Tokyo where she studied under Kyosuke Suzuki of the Taneo Wakayama School of Wakayama Shachu recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Culture as an “important intangible cultural property of Japanese fine arts.” Ai will be teaching workshops on both the dance and musical components of the Edo Kotobuki Jishi.



August 21
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Mountain View Buddhist Temple
575 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043 United States
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