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Join the TaikoVentures Hui

Hui is a word from the Hawaiian language. As a noun, hui refers to a club or collective of like-minded individuals with common interests. As a verb, hui means to pool resources towards a common goal. The TaikoVentures Hui supports our Taiko Vocationists — the hard-working individuals  who make their living in the taiko economy. 

Hui funds are used to create an administrative infrastructure that provides a steady W-2 paycheck, health insurance, and contract/invoicing services for taiko vocationists. The Hui also supports programs to help our most celebrated taiko pioneers establish their legacies, as well as professional development for emerging artists to improve their business processes. Our goal is to create new programs and services that expand the taiko economy and bring our community together in support of the taiko vocationists.

Become an Investor

If you are seeking to make a deeper commitment to the taiko vocationists, you can become a TaikoVentures Investor. This is a new approach to arts support that is more open 

Unlike typical “donors” to a nonprofit, 

Unlike typical “investors” to a business, TaikoVentures Investors do not seek a financial return.