About TaikoVentures

TaikoVentures is...

  • a radical new MODEL for sustaining an arts economy.
  • an experiment in SELF SUFFICIENCY.

What is the Taiko Economy?

The taiko economy includes all resources exchanged among members of the taiko community in support of the artform and its people. This includes money paid for performances, classes, workshops, conferences, instruments, and space.

Who are the Taiko Vocationists?

A taiko vocationist is an individual who relies on the taiko economy for their livelihood.

What is a Hui?

Hui is a word from the Hawaiian language. As a noun, hui refers to a club or collective of like-minded individuals with common interests. As a verb, hui means to pool resources towards a common goal.

What is TaikoVentures?

TaikoVentures LLC is a company founded by Sue Kanagawa Yuen to create radical systemic change towards a sustainable taiko economy by:

  • moving taiko vocationists from the gig economy to the economic stability of traditional employment, and
  • providing taiko enthusiasts with new mechanisms to support taiko vocationists.

TaikoVentures is a Hui​

TaikoVentures is a Hui to support the Taiko VocationistsIt is a community that believes a robust taiko economy is required for taiko vocationists to thrive and spread the positive cultural and artistic values of taiko.