A November to Remember!

Roy & PJ Hirabayashi onstage at the School of Arts and Culture Theater (Photo Credit: Diana Wu)

A November to Remember!

TaikoVentures was honored to support two landmark performances: PJ and Roy Hirabayashi's “The Race for Free Spirit – A 50 Year Uprising” and Seiichi Tanaka and San Francisco Taiko Dojo's "55 years of Taiko in North America."

The Race for Free Spirit: A 50 Year Uprising

On November 4th, PJ and Roy Hirabayashi celebrated 50 years of playing taiko with a production entitled “The Race for Free Spirit – A 50 Year Uprising.” The sold-out show included beautiful film segments, woven together with stories and songs that brought us along on Roy and PJ’s journey of social activism and community building. We are pleased to hear that they have plans to take a version of this production to different communities, with the intent of sparking conversations about the future of taiko. Please visit pjroytaiko.org for updates!

A Celebration of 55 Years of Taiko in North America

On November 11th, we honored Seiichi Tanaka and the San Francisco Taiko Dojo with a celebration of 55 years of Taiko in North America. The historic concert also featured host group Stanford Taiko and Wako Daiko from Saitama, Japan. TaikoVentures Vocationists Stuart Paton, Tiffany Tamaribuchi, and Ai Matsuda also joined Tanaka Sensei on stage for the celebration. For those of you who missed the sold-out concert, we will be hosting a Zoom watch party on Sunday, December 3rd at 2:00pm PST. Details below. Click Here to Register.

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