Day: October 31, 2023

#TaikoLove Recap

From October 1st to 10th, TaikoVentures participated in Nen Daiko’s annual social media challenge called #TaikoLove. Every day, there was an assigned theme, and groups

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Welcome Aichan!

TaikoVentures was overjoyed to welcome Sponsored Vocationist Ai Matsuda in her return to the US. We were successful in obtaining a P-3 visa for Aichan without the use of a lawyer or expedited fees.

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Kenny Endo explains the various traditional and contemporary influences found in his signature piece, Symmetrical Soundscapes. (Photo credit: Patti Lee)

Inaugural LegacyLab a Success

Our LegacyLabs project aims to provide unique opportunities for the taiko community to interact with the most celebrated pioneers of North American taiko. The series opened with Senior Vocationist Kenny Endo teaching his signature piece, Symmetrical Soundscapes.

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